Results of the Adams County Democratic Party Assembly, March 24, 2018

Preference Poll for Governor:      Jared Polis:  47% Cary Kennedy:  41%

Mike Johnston:  4%     Eric Underwood:  .2%   Uncommitted 8%

Adams County Treasurer:    Lisa Culpepper:  76.71%    Steve Zorn:  23.29%

Adams County Assessor:    Ken Musso:  90.44%   Andrew Been 9.56%

House District 34:   Kyle Mullica:  76.29%  Jacque Phillips:  22.68%

Elected to be the Democratic Candidate by Acclimation:

County Commissioner District Three:  Emma Pinter

County Commissioner District Four:  Steve O’Dorisio

County Clerk and Recorder:  Josh Zygielbaum

Sheriff:  Rick Reigenborn

County Surveyor:  Tim Thoms

County Coroner:  Monica Broncucia-Jordan

HD 30:  Dafna Michaelson Jenet

HD 31:  Yadira Caraveo

HD 32:  Adrienne Benavidez

HD 35:  Shannon Bird

SD 24:  Faith Winter