Executive Committee

Executive Committee

You are welcome to attend the monthly Executive Committee meeting of the officers, captains and co-captains, and elected officials. You must be a member of the Executive Committee to vote or make a motion. If you wish to speak during the meeting, please contact the Secretary, ( secretary@adamscountydems.org) , 48 hours before the meeting.  Meetings are held the third Thursday of the month at headquarters 7290 Samuel Drive, Suite 120, Denver 80221 and begin at 7:30 pm.

If you are a member of the Executive Committee and are unable to attend a meeting, you may vote by proxy.  Here is the form (copy and paste into a Word document to print):

Official Proxy

Executive Committee Meetings

I,__________________________________________________, a member of the Adams County


Executive Committee, would like to designate_____________________________________ as


my Official representative at the Executive Committee meeting of (date)_______________.


I authorize them to vote on any and all issues unless noted.



Signature                                                   Date



A proxy is a written authorization, for one person to act for and in the place of another at a meeting of a committee. The person giving the proxy may also make a  written instructions thereon as to how it shall be voted, which instructions shall be honored. No Person may carry more than one proxy.


1.       Central committee Meeting: Members of the central committee shall be permitted to use proxies. The proxy holder must be a registered Democrat residing in the same voting unit from which the principle has been elected.

a.       A committee person can give a proxy only to one who resides in the same precinct:
b.       A captain or co-captain can give a proxy only to one who resides in the same captaincy district;
c.        A state senator or state representative can only give a proxy only to one who resides in their respective district;
d.       County-wide elected or appointed public officials, party officers and at-large members of the Executive committee can give their proxies to any registered Democrat residing in the county.

2.       Executive Committee Members of the executive committee shall be permitted to use          proxies. Captains and co-captains may give proxies to any other member of the executive committee, or to any person who resides in their captaincy district. At-large-members and officers of the executive committee may give their proxies to any registered Democrat residing in the County

ARTICLE IV. VOTING. Each elected delegate or member of any caucus, meeting, or convention shall have only one vote, except as set forth in the remainder of this article.

A. Proxies: One additional vote shall be allowed a member of a committee who carries a proxy as set forth in article III of this part.