Adams County Treasurer

Bridgette Grimm (R) currently holds this position.  Here is her official site.  If you have questions about your taxes, tax lien sales, business sales taxes and any other county tax issues, you should contact her office.  You should also contact her if you have questions about her decisions and policies.  There will be an election in 2018 for this position if you feel like you would make a good candidate, don’t hesitate to speak to the party officers, so we can have a dialogue about this office.  Ms. Grimm is very responsive to questions and suggestions and very helpful if you do have questions.

Adams County Commissioner District 5 — Mary Hodge

Our own Mary Hodge County Commissioner from County Commissioner District 5.

Adams County Commissioner District 3

Erik Hansen (R) currently holds this position.  Here is his official website. Please contact him if you want to ask him questions about his decisions and policies. Please think about running as a Democrat in this district in 2018 and meet with us!

Adams County Commissioner District 4 — Steve O’Dorisio

Our own Steve O’Dorisio has been elected as 4th Distric County commissioner.

County Coroner — Monica Brocucia-Jordan

Here is a link to Monica’s official site.

17th J.D. District Attorney — Dave Young

Dave Young received 100% of the vote in Adams county, as there was not other candidate.  He had a website, but it is now taken down.

County Commissioner District 2 — Chaz Tedesco

Our own Chaz Tedesco has been elected twice to serve the people of Adams County. His official county website is here.

County Commissioner District 1 — Eva Henry

Our own Eva Henry won elections in 2012 and 2016 to represent the people of Adams County. Here is her website.  Here is the county website for her as well.

Adams County Surveyor — Tim Thomas

Here is the info on the surveyor:

Adams County Clerk & Recorder

Currently Republican Stan Martin is the county clerk.  Feel free to contact him at the official county page using this link.  We are looking for a great candidate to run for this office in 2018!

Adams County Sheriff

Currently Michael McIntosh(R) is the sheriff for Adams County.  If you have concerns, you may contact him at the county website linked here.  He is not responsive to e-mails.

Adams County Assessor

The Adams County assessor is Patsy Melonakis (R).  Please contact her at the county website if you have questions or concerns.  We are looking for a great candidate to run for this office in 2018!