May 25
  • How Can I Get More Involved?

    How Can I Get More Involved?

    We are often asked "How can I get more involved?" If you are registered as a Democrat in Adams County, you are automatically a member of the Adams County Democratic Party.   You are welcome to attend the monthly Executive Board meeting of the officers, captains and co-captains, and elected officials.

  • Join the Club

    Join the Club

    The Adams County Democrats has multiple social clubs for those who are looking for other ways to spend time with individuals who share thier values.  These include the AdDems, AdFemDems, Latino Initiative, The Janes, and the Young Dems.  For more information, click here.

  • Vote Democratic

    Vote Democratic

    Don't vote for extremists - Vote Democratic. Mail your ballot in early!

Electronic Newsletter Now Available



It could cost the Adams County Democratic party up to $100/month for postage and a lot of valuable volunteer time to send out the Newsletter in a paper version.  You can sign up here to get that here, with no clutter, and saving time and money!


Welcome to the Adams County Democratic Party

Welcome to the Adams County, Colorado Democratic Party, the party of success!

Adams County has a tradition of electing strong, principled Democratic officials and we want to continue working towards that goal.

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New mailing address
Written by Andrew Been   

 New Mailing address for donations and any correspondence by USPS:

P.O . BOX 307
Commerce City
CO 80037

Treasure Chest
Written by Treasurer   
Treasurer's Tip:  When writing a check to the Party, always write what the contribution was for on the memo line of the check. Examples: JFK dinner; raffle tickets; Century Club, etc.

"No contribution over $100 may be made in cash or coin." Colorado Campaign and Political Finance Manual (Revised February 2010) page 8.

10 Ways To Tell You Have Republican Tendencies...
Written by Megan Carter   
I had a phone call the other day from someone asking me why they should be a Democrat. To get through to the caller, I took a different tact, and asked how to identify Republicans.
  1. When your party's in office, they spend, spend, spend. When they're out of office, you blame, blame, blame it on the Democrats.
  2. You think that corporate American CEOs are not greedy, and that tax breaks for the rich will trickle down to the rest of us.
  3. You believe sending jobs overseas is good for America.
  4. Global warming is not real until it burns you in the butt.
  5. Good health care is for the privileged few, and don't touch your Medicare.
  6. You say you want less government, but you elect George Bush.
  7. You believe that corporations should have more rights than you. They can't cast a vote, but they can buy yours.
  8. You wanted to drill, drill, drill, now we have to clean, clean, clean.
  9. You believe sewing circles of hate are much more important than independent thought.
  10. The final way you can tell you are a Republican: You think Sara Palin is the next coming of Albert Einstein!

I am so glad I'm a Democrat.


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